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These tutorials were written for Vue d'Esprit versions 2, 3 and 4.

These tutorials are written to be as complete as possible only for the techniques they involve. I assume you are already familiar with the basics of Vue d'Esprit's tools and settings and that you know how to reach for the manual if needed. (smile)

PlantStudio Plants Materials
(Material Functions)
It's easy to add realistic materials to PlantStudio plant objects in Vue.
single layer* Single layer/object (one plant = one object)

multiple layer* Multiple layers/objects (one object for each type of part)
multiple layer* Individual layers/objects (one object for each plant part). Follow the directions given for multiple layers/objects, but you will be applying materials to each individual part, not to several parts as one object.
* UV mapping. My experiments with this have not worked well.

material scaleMaterial Scale
Don't carve your scenes from a solid block of stone. Here's an easy way to break up the continuity.

color changesMagic Color Changes
Change an image material's colors without opening a paint program.

Trees With Personality
(SolidGrowth modifications)
Vue's native trees are anything but limited. Here are simple ways to increase your arbor "mileage."
stackStacking Technique
leanLeaning Technique
rotateRotating Technique
stretchStretching Technique
multipleMultiple Technique

PouringPouring Water
(Terrain object)
Pour a glass of water or have water flow from a pipe or faucet.

spraySpraying Water
(Terrain object)
Make a sparkling fountain or let your whale spout off.

(Terrain object)
Create a full waterfall or winter icicles.

brokenBreaking Glass
(Boolean operations)
Shatter glass or break up monoliths and pick up the pieces, too.

(Camera angles)
Venture inside a cave.

primitivesPrimitive Interiors
(Camera angles)
Explore the hidden side of primitve objects.

elaborateElaborate Decore
(Image objects)
Get very decorative without maxing out on polygons.

classicClassic Studio Lighting
For still life or portraits, here are some classic settings used by master painters and photographers.

light colorThe Color of Light
Tint your lighting for realistic shades of color.

Treasures d'Esprit
If you enjoy Vue d'Esprit, you can more conveniently reach all my Vue related areas from here.

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