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Welcome to my Treasures! This is your guide to all things Esprit featured throughout my website. Vue d'Esprit is a versatile and affordable 3D rendering program by E-on Software.

Varian's Treasures d'Esprit

Dreamview: DreamVision
Galleries: Many of these images began in Vue d'Esprit, and some were taken further with a variety of post-render effects from moderate to extreme.
View the most recently displayed image featuring the use of Vue d'Esprit.

Dreamview DreamModels 3D
Downloads: Multi-purpose models I've made, many of which are available in VOB format (also DXF, OBJ and RDS).

Dreamview DreamModels 3D: Vue d'Esprit Goodies
Downloads: Scenes, Atmospheres, alternate leaves and other material files for use in Vue d'Esprit v.3 or higher. Also many native VOB objects modeled in Vue.

Dreamview DreamDesign: Vue Explorations
Tutorials: Here are a few tricks I've learned that work with Vue d'Esprit, for general 3D tips, materials and functions, classic lighting and the SolidGrowth trees.

Dreamview: DreamColor
Reference: RGB and hexidecimal charts to keep handy when you are selecting colors in Vue d'Esprit for your surfaces or lighting situations. Also earth tones palettes for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

A Few Essential Vue d'Esprit Links

E-on Software: Vue d'Esprit Homepage

Renderosity: Vue forum with gallery, tutorials, free stuff etc. (Free membership required.)

NoNo's Land: materials, objects, tips

Guitta's Virtual World: galleries, tutorials, objects, great plant resources from Vue's Vegetation Queen! :)

Vue d'Esprit par J-R: galleries, tutorials, objects

Fallen City: galleries, tutorials, objects

Kurtz-Fernhout PlantStudio: plant creation software

E-on's Picture of the Day award

Paragenesis, 2/20/00
Hot Cocoa, 3/10/00
Distichodus, 3/24/00
Fountain, 4/04/00
Winter Tangle 2, 4/13/00
Golden Rays, 4/26/00
Alcove, 5/23/00
Fine Spring Afternoon, 8/06/00
Foyer, 11/03/00
Morning Refreshment, 12/07/00
Misty Dawn, 12/22/00

Dry Heat, 1/02/01
Bamboo Field, 1/29/01
Visitor to the Stream, 2/11/01
Valentine Treats, 2/17/01
Tropical Sunset, 3/10/01
Spring Garden, 3/29/01
My Aquarium, 5/14/01

Varian's Digital Greenhouse

Vue d'Esprit Users Webring
Vue d'Esprit Users Webring

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