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In Amerind culture,
dreamcatchers are often made for children (although adults can use them, too). A pliant branch is twisted 'round once or twice to form a circular opening. The branch is bound into place, then delicate strands are woven and knotted into an intricate webbing; the very center is left open. The strands are often decorated with various beads, bones, or tufts of fur. From the center and depending to the lower portion of the ring, a single feather is attached.

The webbed and adorned
branch is then strung up to overhang the head of the child's sleeping area. Legend says that nightmares will be caught within the web and be unable to escape until dawn (whereupon they hurry back to wherever nightmares live during the day). Good dreams, however, will enter through the open center of the webbing and follow the path along the feather to reach the sleeping child.

My pages are a kind of
cyber-dreamcatcher, in that I welcome the good dreams and will let the nightmares remain "in the Web." I aim to keep these pages interesting, informative and uplifting. I hope you will enjoy your visit.

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My pages are not about  dream catchers.
If you are seeking dream catcher information,
you can try these locations:
Native American Folklore
NAAG Information: Dream Catchers


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