New To The Dream
_August 2004:
The entire Dreamweav'n area has received a new design that visually ties the whole section together - (except for a couple special pages within DreamFeast that I couldn't bear to change). Some stuff updated, some new stuff added, including that MIDI for "Something's Coming," found at long last.

_July 2004:
Gave a face lift to most of DreamDesign; more of that to come. Added "Poser is a 2D Tool" to PoserPlaytime.

_June 2004:
Added "Glamour Portrait Postwork", the first part of the Glamour Portrait tutorials to DreamDesign. Fixed up a bunch of sloppy HTML in that area, and updated the code to fit a larger resolution (800x600). Updated the angel wings links in Poser Playtime. Added three new People Clip Paks to DreamClips, and gave that area a face-lift. Also gave face-lifts to DreamTiles, DreamColor, DreamTubes, DreamEffects and to the Dreamview index. Additional face-lifts went to DreamTools & Toys index and undersections Digital Greenhouse, Poser Playtime, Terragen Dreamlands and Treasures d'Esprit. Many of these prettier pages also received updated  and expanded information. The remaining parts of the Glamour Portrait tutorial are now in place in DreamDesign.

_December 2003:
Added the AngelRealms 2003 gallery, 14 angel images ready to be seen.

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