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Welcome to the Dreamlands. From here, all roads lead to Terragen, the laudable landscape rendering program by Matt Fairclough that is currently in beta development, yet already eminently useful.

Varian's Terragen Dreamlands

Dreamview: DreamVision
Galleries: Many of these images began in Terragen, and some were further pushed to the creative edge with a variety of post-render effects from moderate to extreme.
View the most recently displayed image which benefited from the use of Terragen

Dreamview DreamModels 3D: Terragen Environment Files
Downloads: Multi-purpose surface maps, basic atmosphere/lighting files, seamless tiles for SOPack overlays and other Terragen goodies are waiting for you to download and use for making something special. (version 0.7 or higher).

Dreamview DreamTubes

If you're a PSP user, these original tube files will help you "instantly" expand your Terragen scenes to add greenery from lush meadows to thick jungle vegetation.

Dreamview: DreamColor
Reference: RGB and hexidecimal charts to keep handy when you are selecting colors in Terragen for your surfaces or lighting situations. Also earth-tones palette files for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

A Few Essential Terragen Links

Planetside: Terragen Homepage

John McKlusky: Official Terragen User Guide

Hugo Elias: Terragen FAQ

Jo Meder: TGPGuiLib, Waterworks, For Export Only

Tim O'Donoghue: TerraSource (massively total resource guide)

Carol Brooksbank: Terragen Tutorial

Kurtz-Fernhout: PlantStudio
plant-creation software (now free!)

Varian's Digital Greenhouse

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