Dreamhistory: Remembering the Dream


_August 1995
AOL began offering web pages to members, and Varian's Dreamcatcher made its first appearance on the Worldwide Web with an address. It began with Varian's Dreamview and Varian's WebSurfin' Tour. The Tour was renamed to WebSurfin' Dream shortly after. In the process of building WebSurfin' Dream, Varian's Inadequate Resource Page For Boris Vallejo was also born. Varian's Angeldreams and the accompanying AngelSong were also introduced this month.

_September 1995
New pages brought in: Varian's Neverending Dream, Varian's DreamcIRCle and AngelClips. Varian's Tarotdream was pre-announced, but remained offline.

_October 1995
WebSurfin' Dream was renamed to Varian's HotLinks Dreamlist as a greater organization set in. Page counters were added to the Dreamlist and to Varian's Angeldreams; a counter and guestbook were added to Varian's Dreamcatcher. Tables first began to be used on the assorted pages. AskVarian! and Varian's Buttermilk Dreamin' were introduced. Varian's HotLinks Dreamlist was awarded Cool Site of the Nite for October 25, 1995. Varian's Dreamview shifted its focus from fine art to background tiles.

_November 1995
Further expansion to Varian's Angeldreams: AngelAire, AngelVision and AngelHalo Spotlight were introduced.

_December 1995
The thrill wore off, and AskVarian! was retired. Varian's HotLinks Dreamlist received a new counter.


_January 1996
Varian's HotLinks Dreamlist was named Puppy's Pick for January 5, 1996. AngelClips was renamed to AngelClippings.

_February 1996
Varian's Dreamweav'n was introduced.

_March 1996
AngelTalk was introduced.

_April 1996
As I was spending less time on IRC, Varian's DreamcIRCle was suspended.

_August 1996
Varian's Neverending Dream was suspended. Frames were added to Varian's Dreamcatcher and Varian's HotLinks Dreamlist. The Dreamlist introduced the Dreamcaught Homepages award which was granted to home pages that were especially enjoyable to browse through.

_September 1996
Varian's Angeldreams received a facelift with the addition of navigational icons.

_October 1996
A small page for my workplace online, From the Desk of VLA Varian was introduced. Varian's Neverending Dream returns with a new format, Impossible Dream, Something's Coming and the beginning of Dreamwalk.


_February 1997
Much work was done on Varian's Angeldreams, which joined The Angel Ring webring this month. AngelWings was introduced. AngelTalk was retired. AngelKisses was pre-announced but offline.

_March 1997
The Tech Notes and Site Map pages were added. Although offline, AngelClippings transmorphs into Page 3 of AngelKisses.

_May 1997
Web Fonts Reference took form, but due to the complexity of its information and links, it remained offline. A new navigational menu bar was designed and applied to Varian's Dreamcatcher, but it never had a chance to become fully linked. Offline, AngelKisses reached a state of readiness but publication was withheld for the need to reorganize the server space.


__May 1998 becomes a reality, hosted by The domain home page is erected. The simplest page, Buttermilk Dreamin', is updated and transfered to the new address.

_June: 1998:
Moved Dreamweav'n, Neverending Dream and Dreamwalk into place. Still looking for a midi for "Something's Coming." Began New to the Dream. DreamStationery was introduced. Began hosting the DC Special filters because they deserve the space and I had it to offer.

__July 1998
New Dreamcatcher and E-mail logos designed. Varian's Dreamview is completely renovated and DreamStationery moved under its umbrella. DreamEffects was introduced. Offline, Angeldreams begins a transformation.

__August 1998
Change of URL notices are posted on the site for the remainder of the contents.

__September 1998
The address is sunsetted, bringing to a close any page I didn't care to continue, such as Web Surfin' Dream.

__October 1998
Varian's Dreamfare is inaugurated with the unveiling of DreamIcons. Minor tech changes are made throughout the site.

__November 1998:
The updated Varian's Dreamcatcher moved in after shedding its frames. Dreamhistory introduced in its current form. The old Tech Notes page became Behind the Dreamtech. DreamLevels and DreamModels 3D emerge. Setting aside my CGI lessons for now, I installed a guestbook courtesy of 1-2-3 WebTools.

_December 1998:
Added: Shader files to DreamModels 3D, DreamDesign opened, Me & My RC Dreams, several web rings. Dreamweav'n re-emerged with DreamFeast and DreamCircle. Updated: The Guestbook received new link art. Angeldreams brought back online with AngelRealms, AngelSong and AngelKisses. Dreamview became the happy recipient of the Excellent Resource Award.


_January 1999:
Added: Dreamview DreamDesign Text Effects, Dreamfonts and Web Fonts Reference, meta-tags throughout, Dreamview Collaborative, Dreamview DreamFractals.

_February 1999:
Biggest news for the month: a move to a new server that is better equipped to carry us into the future.

_March 1999:
Added: DreamVision galleries Illustrations, Scenics, Still Life (2) and Tarot, DreamVista 3D Landscapes and Skyscapes galleries, AngelRealms Gallery 2, Dreamcatcher archive one-way mailing list. DreamTubes opens its doors with 25 PSP tube files for downloading. Dreamfonts receives some housecleaning, and two new fonts are added. Updated: Angeldreams urls, Dreamview Collaborative begins the Generations Project. Varian's Angeldreams has received the Sacred Site and Angelic Guidance awards.

_May 1999:
DreamVision: Scenics now sports a Gallery 2. DreamVista 3D: both Landscapes and Skyscapes have each received second galleries. Plus Dreamfare: DreamAvatars is now open, with several animated avatars and world redesigns for use with Microsoft V-Chat.

_June 1999:
DreamVista 3D receives third galleries for both Landscapes and Skyscapes.

_August 1999:
Several new models have been added to DreamModels 3D. The domain pages and the Dreamview area have each received face-lifts in their appearances. Dreamview: DreamColor reference is introduced, although still undergoing construction. Landscapes Gallery 4 and Botanic Gallery 1 have been added to DreamVista 3D.

_September 1999:
The new Terragen Environment Files section opens.


_January 2000:
The DreamFractals galleries were appropriately absorbed into DreamVisions, and several new images were added to nearly every gallery category. is now hosted by C I Host.

_February 2000:
New additions to AngelRealms, Terragen Environment Files, DreamEffects, DreamModels 3D.
Terragen Dreamlands and Treasures d'Esprit debutes. My "Paragenesis" image was selected as Picture of the Day for E-on Software, February 20.

_March 2000:
Additions to DreamModels 3D, Vue d'Esprit Goodies, and the Dreamview Collaborative Generations Project. My "Otherworld" image received Honorable Mention in the voting results for January's TerraCon, my "Hot Cocoa" image was selected as Picture of the Day for E-on Software March 10 and "Distichodus" was Picture of the Day for March 24. Treasures d'Esprit has joined the Vue d'Esprit Users webring.

_April 2000:
Additions to Angeldreams: AngelRealms galleries, Dreamview: DreamTubes, Vue d'Esprit Goodies and Dreamview: DreamColor. Most of the redesigned DreamVision galleries are now open again, with several new images added. DreamDesign: Vue Explorations makes its debut. My "Fountain" and "Winter Tangle 2" images were selected as Picture of the Day for E-on Software April 4 and 13, and my "Golden Rays" image was selected for April 26.

_May 2000:
Updated DreamColor Reference. "Portrait of Raphael" was added to Angeldreams: AngelRealms. New trees tutorials added to DreamDesign: Vue Explorations. My "Alcove" image was selected as Picture of the Day for E-on Software, May 23.

_June 2000:
Anonther tree tutorial added to DreamDesign: Vue Explorations. My "Goldening" image was selected by the Vue d'Esprit Users Webring as Pick Of The Month. Interiors and Scenics categories are now re-opened in Dreamview: DreamVision galleries and DreamVista 3D has reopened with a new format. Several new models added to DreamModels 3D.
After a lengthy hiatus, Dreamview: DreamTiles has reopened with 70 seamless background tiles and has joined the Purely Backgrounds webring. DreamVision has joined the Digital Art webring, and DreamColor has joined the Web Page Design webring. Byte sizes of all downloadable files have been added to DreamModels and Vue d'Esprit Goodies.

_August 2000:
Many new images added to Dreamview: DreamVision galleries. A new artist makes a mark in the Dreamview Collaborative Generations Project. My "Fine Spring Afternoon" image is E-on Software's Picture of the Day, August 6.

_October 2000:
New images added to AngelRealms and DreamVision galleries. The parent spawns another image in the Dreamview Collaborative Generations Project. Sixteen original board and tile designs for Shih Dao have been added to Dreamfare. DreamModels 3D: Poser Toys has opened, and the new Poser Playtime is going to pull all my Poser items together. DreamVista 3D has been sunsetted. Dreamview: DreamClips makes its debut. New styles of alternate leaves have been added to DreamModels 3D: Vue d'Esprit Goodies.

_November 2000:
Buttermilk Dreamin' updated. Sixty-six original 3D models in VOB format have been added to DreamModels 3D: Vue d'Esprit Goodies. New images added to DreamVision and AngelRealms galleries. Six new tutorials added to DreamDesign: Vue Explorations. The exodus from Yahoo-owned begins as I joined these rings: Live Under The Moon, The Wonderful Places, Cool Cows, The Font Zone, Freeware and Useful Web Stuff, Mystical Art, Terragen Story, Artists Coalition Worldwide and Digital Landscapes.

_December 2000:
Digital Greenhouse opened. Two angel wings models for Poser added to DreamModels 3D: Poser Toys. DreamModels 3D joined the Renderosity web ring. Two more tutorials added to DreamDesign: Vue Explorations. The Dreamview Collaborative Generations Project had another entry. My "Morning Refreshment" image made E-on Software's Picture of the Day for December 7, and my "Misty Dawn" image was Picture of the Day for December 22.


_January 2001:
My "Dry Heat" image was Picture of the Day for E-on Software for Jan. 2, and "Bamboo Field" was picked for Jan. 29.

_February 2001:
Dates updated for the new year. The Dreamcatcher update notification list moved to My "Visitor to the Stream" image selected by E-on Software as Picture of the Day for Feb. 11, and my "Valentine Treats" image chosen for Feb. 17. New tutorials added to Vue Explorations. New angel images for Angeldreams: AngelRealms, and to the DreamVision Galleries. Two new models and a new scene file added to DreamModels 3D: Vue d'Esprit Goodies. Three more references for angel wings models added to Poser Playtime, including a wonderful modifation McCritical made for my own Flatwings model.

_March 2001:
New images added to Angeldreams: AngelRealms and DreamVision Galleries. New models added to DreamModels 3D and many new items added to DreamModels 3D: Vue d'Esprit Goodies. Two more angel wings models added to the reference on Poser Playtime. My "Tropical Sunset" image was selected as Picture of the Day by E-on Software for March 10, and my "Spring Garden" was selected for March 29.

_April 2001:
New images added. The new MOD Bull gallery has opened in DreamVision, just for fun! New goodies added to DreamModels 3D: Vue d'Esprit Goodies including updated leaf materials. DreamModels 3D: Poser Toys has a new set of angel wings, thanks to Lafolli's skill and generosity, plus there is a new set of ten poses for Sharkey's Angelyna Wings character model. Dreamview: DreamTubes updated and new tubes added.

_May 2001:
DreamModels 3D has gotten a new streamlined appearance and several new models. Many new images added.

_June 2001:
New materials for Vue d'Esprit Goodies.

_December 2001:
Fifteen fabric materials added to Vue d"Esprit Goodies.


_February 2002:
Eleven new PSP paint tubes added to DreamTubes (under Assorted and Flowers). New plants, flowers and other models added to DreamModels 3D.

_March 2002:
Two FunctionPaks added to Vue d'Esprit Goodies.

_April 2002:
Two FunctionPaks and two FilterPaks added to Vue d'Esprit Goodies, along with several new native Vue object models.


_June 2003:
I'm alive and well, just very busy with other things, so I haven't been paying much attention to the website.

_September 2003:
Updated the angel wings models list for Poser Playtime. Added the AngelRealms 2002 gallery. Added several images to DreamVision galleries that were created during 2001 and 2002.

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