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This DreamClips area contains original copyrighted artwork offered as freeware. You may use the featured items royalty-free in your own art endeavors, whether commercial or personal. You may not redistribute these collections nor sell the files themselves.

Border Backgrounds
These 120 border backgrounds can be useful on the desktop, web pages, or as stationery.

Buttons/Bars/Bullets sets
Need a button? Here are 300 styles and colors to choose among of sets containing coordinated buttons, bars and bullets.

Knot Decorations
50 Celtic-style knots decorations in many colors and shapes

Colorful Designs
One hundred and twenty 3D styled abtract designs in a variety of patterns and colors that you can use to create textures or other items

ClipPaks of people of many types that you can use on your web pages or in your artwork creations.

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Varian's Dreamcatcher
Varian's Dreamview: DreamClips is a portion of Varian's Dreamcatcher
and is Copyright ©2004 by Varian.  All rights are reserved.

None of this material is to be redistributed on the Web or in any other form without prior consultation with and permission from the author. Exceptions to this statement, granting additional limited rights for particular selected elements, are noted and detailed in context
with those particular elements.

Decorating the WorldWide Web
since 1995.

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