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Welcome to my Poser Playtime where the topic is Poser, the easy 3D tool for adding poseable people and animals to your 2D and 3D artwork endeavors.

Varian's Poser Playtime


Angeldreams: AngelRealms
Galleries: Many of these images began with a Poser model.
View the most recently displayed image that benefited from the use of Poser

Poser Playtime: Poser is a 2D Tool
Some quick views of Poser features that can be useful for 2D figure drawing (what Poser was originally designed for).

Dreamview DreamModels 3D
Downloads: Multi-purpose models I've made, available in DXF format (also VOB and RDS).

Dreamview DreamModels 3D: Poser Toys
Downloads: A few toys for use with Poser v.4 or higher. Not a lot here.

Dreamview: DreamColor
Reference: RGB and hexidecimal charts to keep handy when you are selecting colors in Poser for your surfaces or lighting situations. Also earth tones palettes for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

Dreamview DreamDesign Tutorials: Glamour Portrait
From postwork to painting to background, learn how to turn a plain Poser rendering into a glamour portrait.

Angel WIngs for Poser

I always see people asking about these, and I have a personal interest in the subject myself. So I'm keeping a list here of the best available angel wings models I know about. Please let me know if you find others!

(All links checked and updated June 2004.)

Virus wings

Excellent two-piece wings by Benigno "Virus" Fernández, the ORIGINAL angel wings for Poser, modeled in the mid-90's.

Erlik/Virus #2 (7/2004)
Excellent two-piece wings by Benigno "Virus" Fernández. Newly remapped, reposerized and textured by Erlik. This is the most advanced version of these wings thus far. You can pose the first five flight feathers now, too.

Erlik/Virus #1 (6/2004)
Excellent two-piece wings by Benigno "Virus" Fernández, with new poseability and transmapping by Erlik (in PlanIt3D's free section).

Excellent two-piece wings by Benigno "Virus" Fernández, and Phil Hokusai ("LordNakagawa") made them poseable. (This was the first poserized version of Virus's model, done in the late 90's.)




Anton Kisiel
The "birdwings" model can be located at the Poser Props Guild.
Commercial. Limited morphs and textures. The wings are a component of the Anghell character for V2/V3 available at DAZ3D.
Kelly "Lafolli" Foll
The wings can be located in my Poser Toys: Angelwings section.




Experimental ECR process resulting in some very unique, very multi-faceted wings with many morphs and texturing ability. Available from Renderosity's Poser Free Stuff. Search on "Cage" or "Wingset". (Free registration is required.) One wingset; many, many different appearances.
Part of the February 2000 freebie; possibly will be available again?
Jeff ("JeffH") Howarth
Commercial. Very nice appearance, texturing and some morphing ability.




Commercial. Part of the Creature Creation Pack. Some poseability; designed more for birds than angels, but if you check out the baby pegasus at Poser Junction, you'll get an idea for the potential of these wings. If you have the DAZ Eagle, you already have these wings.
Commercial. Anime styling and detail. Poseable. Designed for Victoria, but readily adaptable to other models.
Angelyna wings by Robert "Sharkey" Egli
Commercial. This pair of "Angelyna" wings is generously morphable and has great texturing ability. Available at the Renderosity Marketplace.

Ten poses for the Angelyna Wings are freely available here.

EasyPose for the Angelyna Wings by Maveris is available in RDNA's free section. (Free membership required.)

Ultimate wings


Guardian/Seraph wings

Ultimate wings by Robert "Sharkey" Egli
Commercial. The "Ultimate" wings are generously morphable and have great texturing ability - for both outer and inner feathers. Each wing is an individual figure. Available at the Renderosity Marketplace.
Dreamer wings by Darkworld
Commercial. Some wild morphs, great texturing ability and very nice array of textures. These wings can give some very different appearances at varying angles. The Dreamer Wings (and expansion pack) are available at DAZ3D.
Dreamer Wings
Dreamer Wings expansion pack
Seraph wings by Darkworld
Commercial. Some wild morphs, great texturing ability and very nice array of textures. As with the Dreamer wings, these Seraph wings can give some very different appearances at varying angles. The Seraph Wings are part of the Guardian Angels package at DAZ3D.

Varian's Ironwings

Varian's Flatwings

flatwings2 McCritical

My own rough-hewn, crude models, Ironwings and Flatwings, suitable for comic-styles or post-process guides.
Same as Flatwings (to the left), but McCritical added poseable elements and UV mapping.

archangel wings



Sekroid "Darkworld"
These "archangel wings" were available from Renderosity's Poser Free Stuff but seem to have been pulled. Highly detailed and expressive, with morph targets and UV mapping.
Commercial. Morphs and textures. Was a BBay Club giveaway for a week; may sometime be again available for free or for sale.
Freeware. Modeled by Phil "LordNakagawa" Hokusai. Not sure if these are still around anywhere or not.

A Few Essential Poser Links

Curious Labs: Poser Homepage - from Fractal Design to Metacreations, Poser is now owned by Curious Labs and Shade.

DAZ 3D: The leading maker of Poser figures and accessories, including a free weekly model

Poser Pros: store, downloads, gallery, message boards

PlanIt 3D: store, downloads, gallery, message boards

RuntimeDNA: store, downloads, gallery, message boards

3D Commune: store, downloads, gallery, message boards

Poser World: objects, textures, tips - the entire site is downloadable with a subscription

Renderosity: store, message boards, gallery, downloads

Poser Props Guild: downloads of all kinds

Fur, Hair & Clothing tutorials: A huge links list maintained by Fignations

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