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Welcome to my Digital Greenhouse! This section focuses on PlantStudio, a very versatile software tool for adding vegetation to your 2D and 3D images.

Varian's Digital Greenhouse

Dreamview: DreamVision
Galleries: I've used PlantStudio in many of my images, particularly noticable in the Still Life category.
View my most recently displayed image which benefited from the use of PlantStudio

Digital Greenhouse: Plant Parameters
Downloads: PlantStudio parameter files for some of my favorite plant creations.

DreamDesign: Vue Explorations
Step by step tutorials lead you through the simple process of adding materials to PlantStudio objects in Vue d'Esprit.

Dreamview: DreamModels 3D
Downloads: Multi-purpose models I've made, available in DXF format (also VOB and RDS). Check the Basic and Flowering Plant categories for models created using PlantStudio.

Dreamview: DreamTubes
Downloads: Original paint tube files for Paint Shop Pro v.5 or higher. Includes a large vegetation selection mainly created with help from PlantStudio.

Dreamview: DreamColor
Reference: RGB and hexidecimal charts to keep handy when you are selecting colors in PlantStudio for your leaves, meristems, petioles, etc. Also earth tones palettes for use in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

The Amazing PlantStudio

As a PlantStudio user since February 1999, I can't say enough about how fantastic this program is. If you work in 2D or 3D, and *ever* need plants or flowers, this program will help fill your need easily and to your specifications. You have full control over every portion of the plants you design, you can actually watch them grow in an animated series, and you can cross-breed plants to create new species. Output a single image, an animation, or a series of images for a PSP paint tube or Painter nozzle. Or output a 3D model which can be textured to your choosing in the rendering software of your choice. Sounds complicated and expensive? Yet you will be building new plants within minutes of installation and you will also be happily surprised with the price!

A Few Fun PlantStudio Links

Kurtz-Fernhout: PlantStudio Homepage
Includes FAQ, program features and history, parameter files exchange, users gallery, mini-tutorials and more!

Guitta's Virtual World: This link leads to few very good PlantStudio tutorials for beginners on Guitta's website.

3D Plants: 3D plant models by Drew Costigan, many designed in PlantStudio. He also has CDs available with fully UV-textured plants. Check out the Gallery for more inspiration towards using plants in your 3D images.

Nigel Pickering (AKA Noggin): Nigel has made available many 3D plant models in DXF and a plentiful array of PlantStudio plant parameters.


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