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When I first began this section back in 1995, digital graphics tutorials were rare and hard to find on the web. In the intervening years, they've sprung up all over. My "For Beginners" section seems quite outdated these days, but the techniques are still valid and may help you understand more about the filters you use.

Vue Explorations
Need more trees than you can load? Want objects that don't exist? You're in the right place!
- Vue d'Esprit (versions 2, 3 4)

Glamour Portrait
Step-by-step enhancements for your 3D renders or photo portraits, including painting hair.
- Any paint program that supports layers.

Quick Tips
Easy tips or general techniques for digital graphics.
- Any paint program that supports layers.

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Process Overviews
Not tutorials, but sets of incremental views made from selected images while in progress.

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For Beginners

The Easy Scrib
Anyone can make a scrib! It tiles seamlessly both horizontally and vertically, makes terrific frames or borders, web or desktop wallpaper, and it is a fun element to use for color experimentation.
- Any paint program.

Home-Brew Text Effects
Here are some cool visual effects that you can create "by hand" for your special text even if using a no-frills paint program. Only the most basic (often standard) filters are involved, nothing fancy except the results.
- Any paint program.

Seamless Tiles
Here are five methods for creating seamless tiles "by hand."
- Any paint program.

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Drawing Feathered Wings
Interested in drawing or painting feathered wings for birds, angels or anime characters? Several tutorials are available on the web.

Dee Dreslough

simplified basics


simple yet very well presented


mainly digital paint effects

Eclipse Unleashed

manga style quickie

Black UniGryphon

basic points and philosophy


simple digital shaping

Debi's doll wings

easy, cartoonish style

Other Tutorials for Your Own Art
If you have a computer, you can create your own graphics for desktop and web use. Here are links to additional sites that show you how.

Written in very easy-to-understand language, the folks at the Den lead you through art-making one step at a time.

The Web Diner
The McCannas crew has tips and tricks for making everything you could want for your web pages. This entire site is a real treat.

Hands-On Tutorials by DocOzone
Some really good tutorials based on Photoshop. Even if you use a different program, you might pick up some tips here. If nothing else, you'll enjoy the cool eye candy of this site!

Digitoils (Al Dawson)
When you're ready to move onward from basic designs and backgrounds, learn how to use your computer the way fine artists use their brushes.

JustKiss Graphics Tutorials
Digital techniques and tips for beginner to advanced, covering program tools, fine art and web graphics. A little bit of something for everyone.

Portrait Artist (JR Dunster)
A portrait art tutorial site, with lessons on sketching and drawing faces, tutorials on digital art, an overview of art and drawing techniques, art supplies, gestures, anatomy, and much more.

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