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Welcome to my Dreamweav'n area, where you have a chance to try learning All About Me...heh! If you think you're interested, keep reading. Otherwise, there's always the Back button, or you could try branching off into one of the sub-areas.

Something I really enjoy in life is good eating, so here are my most impressive culinary delights, like Cheerios and butter! Among assorted other taste-treats, this area covers Buttermilk, RC Cola, Deep Pizza and of course, my near-famous onion dip!
Got some time free to surf the web? Come and meet some pretty cool people who also happen to have web pages I can link up to.
Neverending Dream
If Dreamweav'n isn't revealing the stuff you really want to know about, perhaps you'll find what you're looking for here, a peek into the real neverending dream. But don't blame me if you come out of here scratching your head.
I actually still have plans to get this section going one of these years -- a poetic excursion through the Mandala. The link works, but there's really nothing here yet, and I don't know when there might ever be.
Common Chat Acronyms
On the internet, people tend to type the same way they talk, and many common speech phrases get truncated to acronyms to speed the typing process. If you're on the net, you need to know.

As of 2004, he's a frequent sight around these parts, and I wanted to share his uniqueness with others.

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All those nice links to exit by, but you're still here? Well, alright then, let's get on with what you came here for...

Varian's mugThe graphic here is a photo/pencil/digital self-portrait. That is, it began its humble existence as a photograph which later became a pencil sketch which later was scanned and finished on computer. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out and believe it expresses me better than any ordinary photo would. This is a slightly different version from what this page has displayed previously. I suppose I should make a new one, one of these days.

I don't find it easy to try to describe my life pursuits and interests to a diverse audience of hundreds who have dropped by at different times for different reasons. I wear many various "hats," have participated in a wide array of activities spanning a multitude of fields and genres, and it's much easier to speak of one thing at a time in context rather than to try to sum up my primary art in a Web-style quickie. For any item I mention, it'll sure mean I'm skipping over fifty other things equally as relevant. Since all facets of my life have significance for me -- although not perhaps a conventional sort -- it's not an easy thing for me to put together a typical "home page." I'm not going to list off age, height, resume, etc., because I'm not trying to sell myself. My pages aren't on the web in search of a job and I'm not seeking a significant other. I have one of each already, thanks.
My Name:
...comes from the Latin, and is by tradition bestowed upon males. It means clever, capricious, flexible. The root vari also supplies us with words such as various, variation, and variety.

Catch the FAQ:
Yes, it is my real name.
No, it's not the name given to me at birth.
No, I do not use a "last" name; one is plenty for me.
In Real Life:
...I'm pretty much the same as I am online or in these pages, probably because much of my real time is spent online. I'm perhaps a bit quieter and physically more sedentary than I appear online. At home, for instance, I honestly have never eaten mice, floated four feet above my chair, watched the whales leave fin-marks in the floor, been duct-taped to the front end of a bus through a car wash nor have I swung from the chandelier. Then again, maybe that last is only because there isn't any chandelier at home.

Have a look at my Digital Control Center.

I'd Rather Be:
...doing exactly what I'm doing. Because if I wanted to be doing something else, I would be.
Favorite Advice:
...remember "I am loved."
...neither circumstances nor the behavior of others makes us happy or unhappy; only our own ideas about those things influence us to choose happiness or unhappiness.
Neat Stuff I Do:
...anything I want to, hehe! Well, a simple glance around my website will tell you that I'm an artist. I've been drawing, sketching, painting and whatnot as far back as I can remember. My art isn't limited to paper, canvas or computer; I try to bring artistic creativity into everything I do, and I often find that sort of artwork to have a more intense beauty and meaning than any other.
Neat Stuff I've Done:
...been to grade school, high school, college.
...edited/published magazines
...performed on the stage as actor, singer, comedien and musician
...learned ASL
...authored a few books
...talked with angels, animals, trees, insects, birds, fish and others
...listened as they talked back
...received awards/reknown for artwork, music I've composed and performed, clothing I've designed, and assorted other things
...won a watch in a coloring contest at age 14; won a moped in a radio contest about 10 years later my motorcycle when it became obvious the moped wasn't enough
...colored my hair green
...collected an amazing assortment of stuff, most of which has no material value but is nonetheless cherished as personal treasure
...designed/built several Tarot decks
...married the most wonderful person on earth
I Believe: has meaning. act is more productive than to re-act.
Favorite Pastimes:
...reading Tarot.
...watching evening television or a movie.
...enjoying food. :-)
...following my heart.
...discovering new treasure.
Favorite Dream:
...the one I'm living.
...sorry; that info is available on a Need To Know basis only.};>
What I Want to Be When I Grow Up:
...just me. :)

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