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If you've ever looked for that "perfect color" and been frustrated trying to track it down, the charts you'll find here may be the assistance you need. Digital color tones are visually arranged and labeled for RGB and Hexidecimal codes. The charts are easily saved so you can have them handy when designing your web page, picking out a desktop theme or working on your next art project.


Spectrum Hues by Value
A slice of the spectrum arranged in thin to densely saturated values.

Spectrum Hues by Saturation
A slice of the spectrum arranged in natural, desaturated hues of light to dark.

Earth Tones - Light
A high-value range of desaturated and warmed earth colors from medium browns to nearly whites.

Earth Tones - Dark
Natural earth tones in warm and desaturated low-value hues from siennas to almost black.

Earth Tones Palette Files
Thanks to C-Wied's ingenuity, you can now grab up ready-made palette files for Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro!

Party Colors
Brightest values and some unusually perky blendings of hues.

Multiple Hues (includes X11 colors)
A potpourri arrangement of many colors, loosely arranged by Pales, Hues, Saturation and Spectrum.

Web Links to More Color Tools & Info

HTML Font Colorizer
Freeware utility that helps you apply gradients to your text.

RGB ColorBox (HTML Color Picker)
Freeware utility for previewing chosen page colors.

Color Picker
Free utility and RGB/HSB information from Netscape

HTML Color Chart
256 hues with Hex codes in a graphic format.

Color Theory, History of Pigment
This site also includes a Real Color Wheel and discusses the differences between natural color and RGB color.

Color and the Web
If you have or are building a web page, this site has some extremely helpful color info for you.

Color Your Web
Some general introductory information for understanding color and using it in web design.

HTML Color Chart
This site explores the red, green and blue slices of the RGB color cube along with hex codes. (The additive color model used for digital hues is represented by the RGB color cube.)

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