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These files are offered as copyrighted freeware. You may use their output in your personal or commerical graphic work and share the .TUB files with your friends, all without charge. However, you may not modify the files, add them to other collections (on the web, CD nor anywhere else) nor sell them.
Each tube contains four or more images; most have six views to provide a more natural "painting" experience.

These tube files contain ORIGINAL images made by me. Many of these tubes started their life as 3D models which I have created, then rendered in various postures to form the tube images. I hope you find them as helpful to your artwork as I have for mine.


There is no need to credit me by anything you make with these tubes, but if you find them helpful and want to add a link to this page to help others be able to locate them, please do and thanks!

Trees and Plants

Flowering Plants

Regional Plants


Assorted Oddities

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These tube files require
Paint Shop Pro version 6
or higher.

Select the thumbnail image to download the .ZIP file. Extract it into your c;\program files\paint shop pro\tubes\ directory (or wherever you typically store your tube files). Open Paint Shop Pro and load the .TUB file using FILE > OPEN. Then select FILE > EXPORT > PAINT TUBE. Type in the appropriate numbers for images Across and Down. The Total and Step Size will be automatically calculated for you. The tube Filename is also automatically provided, but you may need to re-input the Tube Name. Then click OK, and the tube is installed alphabetically into your tube listing according to the Tube Name.

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Varian's Dreamcatcher
Varian's Dreamview: DreamTubes is a portion of Varian's Dreamcatcher
and is Copyright ©2004 by Varian.  All rights are reserved.

None of this material is to be redistributed on the Web or in any other form without prior consultation with and permission from the author. Exceptions to this statement, granting additional limited rights for particular selected elements, are noted and detailed in context
with those particular elements.

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