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Varian's Dreamcatcher
Varian's Dreamcatcher
My feeble attempt at creating a "typical home page," trying to sum up and describe who I am and all that stuff. Essentially, this is the personal area of my website.

varian's dreamcatcherdreamfeast
I'm not really a chef, but at times I play one in the kitchen. Here you can find my tributes to buttermilk and RC Cola plus the magic formulas for my Deep Pizza and near-famous onion dip.

varian's dreamcatcherdreamcircle
Cool people I've known, worked with or just wanted to link up to. A very eclectic and incomplete list of links.

varian's dreamcatcher neverending dream
A more revealing portrait of myself, presented in my own manner, featuring art, lyrics and some music.

varian's dreamcatcherdreamwalk
A poetic story in development...being something of a guided tour through the Mandala..







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