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Varian's Dreamcatcher
This is my miscellaneous assortment of freeware software-related offerings. I don't do programming anymore, but I enjoy tinkering within programs that offer such options. Let's keep freeware alive!

Varian's Dreamcatcherdreamicons
Who can resist making their own icons for use in Windows? Not me. They'll look great on your desktop.

Varian's Dreamcatcherdreamsavers - (coming)
This section contains screen saver modules for the two option-filled Kinescopic and Psychedelic programs. I've also added seamless tiles created from my module displays.

Varian's Dreamcatcherdreamlevels
This section holds additional levels for the Kye arcade game. You can never have too many levels.

Varian's Dreamcatcherdreamavatars
Can't help but create new avatars for use in Microsoft's V-Chat, and what the heck, it's also fun to decorate V-Chat worlds and share them with others.



Varian's Dreamcatcher

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