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Varian's Dreamcatcher

Varian's Dreamcatcher

My quest for the ideal typefaces to use on my website led to creating my own fonts for the web, which of course need to be shared or they do no good at all.

Varian's Dreamcatcherdreamers
The Dreamers could be considered my "core" web fonts, or at least as core as they'll get for now. They come with full families and character sets.

Varian's Dreamcatchersirens
The Sirens were just too appealing for me to resist playing around with, although most don't have full families.

Varian's Dreamcatcherteasers
The Teasers fonts are playful ones. They're mostly display style and although proportioned for web use, they're probably not the best choice for main text areas.

Varian's Dreamcatcheryesfonts
The Yesfonts are based on the logos and album covers of the rock group Yes and those of Jon Anderson.

Varian's Dreamcatcherweb fonts reference
This Reference is meant as an aid for persons new to using fonts on the web, to assist in selection, scripting, testing and providing.




Varian's Dreamcatcher

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