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M&Ms What would life be without m&m's? Messy, that's what. All that chocolate melting all over your hands and keyboard and monitor.

David Pumpkin SeedsTo impress The Great Pumpkin, eat plenty of pumpkin seeds. David uses only *THE* best pumpkin seeds in existence, and no one else comes close to this quality but alas, I couldn't find a David website. Here's the next-best thing.

How about going nuts? nuts


 Fun Food Stuff on the Web 

Jones sodapssst...want some real fun? Crack open a Jones soda (like Fufu Berry or Bug Juice) then go visit their website.

Tollhouse cookies!!chocolate chip cookies

got buttermilk?  I have a couple more DreamFeast pages, honoring buttermilk and RC Cola! Me and My RC Dreams


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