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Boots composite

When I saw Boots for the first time in May 2004, he was climbing a tree trunk, flashing four bright-white banners, impossible to miss. Oh so sad, I thought, someone must've left some paint sitting out and this poor squirrel walked right into it. Subsequent encounters happily proved that his coloring comes from nature, not from a paint can.
Boots is now a regular visitor at our backyard Critter Cafe and peanuts are his preferred food from the menu. He was a bit nervous getting his picture taken, but mainly because it meant he was asked to *wait* before being served. Youngsters don't have much patience and Boots is no exception; he stayed on the move, pacing back and forth, trying to get my attention - well, my peanuts! - but I was able at long last to get a couple shots of him.

And he was well rewarded. :)

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