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I keep it sweet and simple. Heat water to boiling, insert lobster tails for about 8.5 minutes. Serve with drawn butter.
Broiled lobster tails...ummm!

Did you know "Maine lobster" doesn't necessarily come from the state of Maine? Or that spiny lobsters don't have claws? Really cool Lobster Facts are all over the web, including Cooking Techniques and How To Eat Them and you gotta see this one! Have you looked through the lens of LobsterCam?



Can a man have "too much" lobster in his life? Having never been to the coast, I don't know, but thanks to easy deliveries, I'm having a delicious time in my valiant mainland attempt to find out!

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[bullet] Ocean Gold Lobster Co. Price List
[bullet] Primeline Meat & Seafood II
[bullet] Golden Trophy Exquisite Foods
[bullet] LobsterGram
[bullet] Plenty more! Yahoo's Seafood retail directory


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