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[bullet] Tools & Tech
A brief overview of the software and technical details involved in the creation of my digital angels.

[bullet] 2003
AngelSwept, Morning Angel, Tempestuous, Harmonious, Being, Stormwatcher, Appreciation, PeaceAngel, Humility, Attentive, Cliffdweller2003, A Moment of Silence, Longing, Insouciance

[bullet] 2002
Halcyon, Halcyon Angel, Idyllic Heights, Idyllic Heights Angel, Summoned, Summoned2, Summoned Angel

[bullet] 2001
Ariel, Touch of Light, Light Touch, Joy, The Invitation, Three Feathers, Celebration, Moon Angel, Reflecting, Wonderment, Angel, Gold Angel

[bullet] 2000
Michael1, EverWatchful, Private Retreat, Portrait of Raphael, Cherish, Hornblower, Misty Dawn, The Deliberation of Lucifer, Lightbearer, Harken, Plea, Anticipation, Archangel

[bullet] 1999
Angel Art, Angelus2, Crystal Wings, Entreaty, Flight, Garden Dance, Going Home, Greeting, HeartWings, Holiday Angel, Intensity, LightVisitor, Love Angel, Loveoask, Loveoask2, Meditative, Morning Glory, New Dawn, Nightwhisper, Response, Sanguil, Sanguil-b, Second Attention, Stephen2, Strength, Supplication, The Call, The Call1, The Call2, The Dawning, Tidings

[bullet] 1998
Angelus, Behold, Christmas Angel, Cliffdweller, New and Glorious Morn, Stand Forth

[bullet] 1995-1997
The Visitation, Angel Without Hands, Companion, Angel Pair, Trumpeteer, Spring Offering, A Bit of Heaven 

My Digital Angels
Art Galleries

In this section, you'll find "fine art" galleries of original angel images that I have chosen to bring to the web to display. Each of these items has been created digitally, beginning with the acquisition of a wonderful paint program in 1995. Although I've worked in many media over the years, these digital items are the easiest for me to present via the web, and I am trying out new techniques all the time.

Please note: this area is a No Right-Click Zone. These images are displayed here for your viewing enjoyment, not for the taking. Reproduction or redistribution without express written permission is prohibited. If you mistakenly came here expecting downloadable angel graphics, please visit the Angeldreams: AngelKisses section instead, where you will find more typical (and royalty-free) graphics made available specifically for your use on web pages, etc. Thank you!

I work in a variety of styles, and there is a rather eclectic assortment here. The galleries start out with a touch of the typical, but evolve proceedingly into more serious efforts. Angels are a favorite subject for me, although I often feel frustrated in my attempt to portray them digitally. I just figure I need more practice, so I keep returning to the effort, hoping to bring to the computer the same sort of work I more easily create on paper.

Disclaimer: you may or may not find agreement in the manner in which I paint these entities. I'm not much into the "pretty Victorian lady with wings" sort of interpretation. If that is the type of angel you're looking for, you'll find plenty of conventional angel sites elsewhere around the web and they'll appreciate your visit.


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More Angel Art Sites
Here are a few of my favorite visual treats of angels by talented artists displaying on the web.
Carl Lundgren
You will love Carl Lundgren's "insolent" angel gallery.

Mahmoud Farshchien
Mahmoud Farshchian is a contemporary master artist trained in the Persian tradition. His gallery of angels and other delights will enthrall you.

Angelic Artistry
The legacy of Joan Kirk's angel graphics.

Angel Art By Eve
Sit back and enjoy these digitally-created angels in Eve's ever-expanding gallery display.

The Twelve Angels
Angel art and related prose by Jayne M. Howard.

On a Wing and a Prayer
Angels of the Zodiac, featuring the watercolor artistry of Sibylle Rett.

Watercolor Angels
Delicate and feminine angels by J. Ann Masiker.

Angel Artist
A soothing array of angels from the brush of Patrick J. Reynolds.

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