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My Digital Control Center

I've said it many times: I wouldn't know how to take a picture of my area. I sit in an overstuffed recliner chair in the living room. My CPU is alongside the chair (which faces into the room), and my monitor sits on a platform which swivels out of the way for when I need to get a refill for my RC. My tablet sits on the arm of the chair, and the keyboard sits in my lap.
What I like best about my arrangement is that I'm "present" in the room even though I'm on the 'puter. I've got a picture window to look out of when I'm daydreaming, and I could even have TV going if I want. When my honey has something to show me, she just shows me and I can see it, even if I'm typing at the same time, heh. Really nice that way. No one can sneak up unexpectedly behind me because there's a wall there!
I spend way too much time on the 'puter to imagine facing a wall constantly, so I never even considered a "standard" arrangment. I've been living on my 'puter for over a decade, but I've only had the swivel-platform thingie less than half that time. Prior to that, I used a fairly large cardboard box (yep!) to hold a 15" monitor; to get in and out of the chair, I had to slide the box aside - not always an easy task as the floor was carpet back then. My platform (which is actually bolted into the floor) became a necessity when I moved up to a 17" monitor that would in no way be supported by that trusty box. I love the platform. :) (It also holds my speakers and assorted notes and such.

my digital control center

Hey I managed to do it at last, so here's my digital control center. The platform is angled halfway outward for the pic, and that hides most of its support pole. Hope it makes visual sense okay.

The Micron (my third system) is my current workhorse, sitting alongside the chair. It faces the wall with plenty of space for drive drawers to be reached. This leaves the back end easily accessible for when that's needed.
The old Acer (my first 'puter) showing up front is only sitting there "temporarily" until I get around to taking some files off it.

I hadn't given it much thought until I was labeling this photo, but I've had that blanket over the seat of the chair for several years. When it gets all scrunched up, I dutifully straighten it out and put it back into place. But y'know...I can't remember why it's there in the first place, lol. There was probably some reason, I just don't remember what it was, heh!


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