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Isn't it silly not to use Philly? Onion 

For a party variation, add in 6-8 ounces small curd cottage cheese; definitely prepare this one 24 hours ahead of time or the cottage cheese overwhelms the cream cheese. And for an extra-zingy alternative, try using Herb-Ox's onion soup mix in place of fresh onion. No matter what variations you try, you can't go wrong if you just remember Philly and onion.


 My (Nearly) Famous Onion Dip

This is so easy, but the taste is sheer indulgence. Get an 8-ounce chunk of Kraft's Philadelphia cream cheese. Let it warm up to room temperature (or soften it in the microwave - 30 seconds) and blend a bit of milk into it until it reaches the consistency of genuine buttermilk. Chop up some onion and mix those pieces in. Stick the batch into the fridge for 24 hours. (If you can't wait, go ahead; it's just that it tastes even better after the onion has had a chance to seep into the cheese.)


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