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You take a lot of time and effort to make your web pages coordinated and looking good. If you're like me, you also take the time and attention to make your Windows 95/98 desktop appearance the best it can be. But what about all those assorted icons on your desktop that don't really match your color scheme or go with your background image? You've probably already reduced your desktop clutter to the minimum, and you're familiar with what each icon is for. Do you really need an image of a file folder or world globe along with the caption text to remind you which is which?

If you're tired of decorating your desktop with cartoons, you'll probably be interested in my original designer icons offered here. Use one style on each of your desktop shortcuts, or mix and match them to your preference. Either way, they will add that special coordinated touch that's been missing for too long.

These are .ICO files meant for the Win95/98 desktop -- not for web pages, not for Windows 3.1 -- and each style grouping is packaged in a Dynamic Link Library file for easy storage and selection. Download the .DLL file to your Windows directory (or wherever you store your icon collection), and you are ready to access them via shortcut and program Properties. Here is more assistance to learn how to change your icons, if you need it.

These files are offered as copyrighted freeware. You may freely download and use them, and share the files with friends, but you may not modify them, separate components, add them into other collections or sell them. Click the links below to see a graphic preview of each grouping and to reach the download link.








Tortoise Shell







Featured on Takarajima's DOS/V magazine bonus CD.


Here are a few icon programs and utilities
you may find helpful.

Easy Icons and Icon Easel
Manage, edit or create your own Windows icons easily with these fun and simple low-priced programs. They handle cursors and animation, too.

Eliminate the flat background that shows behind your Win95 desktop icon captions with Invisible!, a freeware utility from UtilMind which also lets you set your caption color. Freeware.

ActivIcons is a convenient way to change the standard Windows desktop icons and cursors (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, etc.). It also lets you easily change other settings, such as making icon text labels transparent. Freeware.

Freeware utility that hides your desktop icons entirely. With this, you won't need to change icons or worry about how they look.


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Some more places on the web to find
great icons for Windows.

Steve's Icon Arcade
Many different looks for many different tastes and appearances. Most of these collections are a cut above the usual "cartoon" type. Don't visit this site if you only have a couple minutes; it deserves your time to browse leisurely.

World Icon News
Mock newsletter featuring icon collections and related information.

Thomas Akin offers a vast collection in a very professional style.

Windows95 Tips & Tweaks
For additional helpful information about customizing the Win95 interface to suit your needs and tastes.


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