Dreamspeak was a surprise for me. It wasn't one of the styles I was planning to make; it just kind of happened on its own initiative. There were already many of the other Dreamers families begun, but Dreamspeak slipped into the front of the line and even finished first. It fascinates me when oddities like that occur.

Dreamspeak is a sleek sans-serif with a very composed and orderly style. It works well for serious text, and with its tall capitals and ascenders, it can also be casual. It has a full family of regular, bold, italic and italic bold, and a complete character set including international characters (no Euro). Like all the Dreamfonts, it has been optimized for on-screen viewing and proportioned specifically for use on the web.


The graphical font samples
quotations are from the
song lyrics of Yes

Dreamspeak is the featured font for Varian's Dreamfare area. After you have installed the font, remember to refresh the Dreamfare pages in order to see the font on those pages.

Download the Dreamspeak TrueType font family here for Windows or for Macintosh.
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If you already have Dreamspeak installed,
you'll see it in use on this sentence.

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