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MOD Bull Gallery

This gallery's images are presented in the order of thier creation.


This gallery is based on a silly joke that started as one little thing, then another little thing was added, and then another and another and so on. If you are a member of Renderosity, drop by the Vue d'Esprit forum there and search the archives to pick up on the joke. Although it helps to know the basis of the joke, I think the images are humorous enough to stand on their own. Also, big thanks to MikeJ for being such a great sporting Mod Bull! :)

Scene File Setup
Make your own bull!

MOD Bull

Bullish Spring

Easter Bull

Birthday Bull
Birthday Bull

Space Bull

Scholar Bull
Scholar Bull

These images were made using Vue d'Esprit, but I often use additional programs as well. Learn more about the software in my Dreamview: DreamTools & Toys section.

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