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Each knot decoration Zip pack contains 5 files in PNG format. Use them whenever you need to "spruce up" an item. You can re-size, re-shape or re-color them to fit your needs.

View an actual size sample (101 kb) from Knot Pack 8. Note: this sample is displayed in JPG format to make online viewing speedier.

Knot Decorations


Knot Pack 1 - 941 kb

Knot Pack 1

Knot Pack 2- 1 Mb Knot Pack 2
Knot Pack 3- 1.5 Mb Knot Pack 3
Knot Pack 4- 1.2 Mb Knot Pack 4
Knot Pack 5- 1.1 Mb Knot Pack 5
Knot Pack 6- 1.3 Mb Knot Pack 6
Knot Pack 7- 979 kb Knot Pack 7
Knot Pack 8 - 1.5 Mb Knot Pack 8
Knot Pack 9 - 944 kb Knot Pack 9
Knot Pack 10- 1.5 Mb Knot Pack 10

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