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Two families
of the Dreamers series
are ready to be
downloaded ,
and others will be
The Dreamers series fonts are what could be called my "core fonts," designed for main text use on the web; I use them on many of my own pages. Dreamers contain complete families with full upper- and lowercase letters, including extended characters for international use, numerals, punctuation and the occasional dingbat. They have been proportioned for on-screen appearance and optimized to be viewed easily at the standard web sizings.

Each time a new Dreamer family enters development, I add a brief description to this listing so you can get an idea of what is in the process of coming. As it reaches alpha, a graphic will be added. When it has finished testing and is released, it will be linked, ready to download and use. To see the stages of development that Dreamfonts files take, follow this link.
[bullet] Online! Dreamspeak
a "typical" sans-serif styled in an atypical way
Reach a fuller preview and the font files here.

[bullet] Online! DreamerOne
a slightly-flaired calligraphic
Reach a fuller preview and the font files here.

a vertical-attitude sans-serif
coming soon
a favorite calligraphic style
coming soon

a sleek sans-serif
coming soon

somewhat decorative sans-serif
coming soon

a handwriting style
coming soon

triangulated and curved sans-serif
coming soon

a serif with an olden appearance
in development

sort of like handwriting
in development




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