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If you haven't played Shih Dao, you're missing a treat. This is a board strategy game played with tiles. Any resemblance to Mahjongg ends there, but if you enjoy the solitary challenge of Mahjongg, you'll enjoy Shih Dao. The game is shareware, but it has a low registration fee ($19.95) and when you register, you also recieve additional board and tile designs.

I first came upon Shih Dao in the early 90's, and 256-color ability was just starting to pick up steam with regular computer users. Shih Dao was proud at that time to boast 256-color items, and it also included 16-color boards and tiles for the majority. Although the graphics for that time were awesome, they seem somewhat old-styled these days, so I have created my own original versions of boards and tiles with styles suited to the millions of colors today and now I offer them for other Shih Dao players to use.

You will need the mother program to use these boards and tiles files. Shih Dao was written by Impulse Software, then was passed to Digital Empires Inc. and is now distributed by Arcanum Computing. Shih Dao runs on Windows 3.1/95/98...and probably 2000 and ME too. If you don't already have your own copy, you can read reviews and download from many places, including:
FlightSim.com's Shih Dao page
Rocket Download's Shih Dao page
Cyber Namida - Kyodai Mahjongg (in an excellent list of many Mahjongg-like PC games to fuel your addiction!)

To install my original boards and tiles, just unZip the archive into your \SHIHDAO\256\ directory and the new graphics will be ready for your enjoyment the next time you open Shih Dao. (One caveat: if you are running Win 3.1, you need a VGA display and 256-color ability to see these files at their best.)
TILES Each Tiles archive
is 56-76 KB.
Artsy tiles sample Numbers tiles sample Shapes tiles sample Scenic tiles sample
Runes tiles sample Angels tiles sample Symbols tiles sample Glass tiles sample




Bathtile - 166 KB


Colors - 95 KB


Denim - 187 KB


Glass - 74 KB


Greenstone - 76 KB


Marbled - 185 KB


Stoneshine - 216 KB


Wood - 113 KB



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