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I'm glad you're enjoying my galleries of original angel artwork. To offer a bit of thanks for your appreciation, I've made it extra easy and fun to link to AngelRealms from your own page to help share the galleries with others. The steps are as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Download one of these images as a souvenir of your visit and to use as a highlight for the link. Just right-click (Mac users, shift-click) and select Save Image As.

Use this graphic to link to AngelSong!

transparent background,
best on dark pages

Use this Graphic to link to AngelSong!

solid background
for all pages

2. Determine where you want to place the link on your page. Copy the following code and paste it to your page in the right place (make sure it all stays on one line):
<A HREF="http://www.varian.net/angeldreams/angelrealms/"><IMG SRC="angelrealms_link.gif" WIDTH="147" HEIGHT="42" ALT="I Saw Angels at AngelRealms" BORDER="0"></A>

If you'd rather not use a graphic for the link, use this code instead (keep the code all on one line):
<A HREF="http://www.varian.net/angeldreams/angelrealms/">Varian's Angeldreams: AngelRealms - see the angels! Collection</A>

3. Upload your revised page and your copy of the image to your server. The link is now ready for others to discover what great taste you have. (smile)

Thanks very much!

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