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I've made my own digital stationery for use in e-mail, and I've brought some of my platform-independent designs here to share with others. They are free for personal use as stationery or as web page backgrounds; they are not to be added to any other collection nor to be sold.

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Each Preview page provides a thumbnail view of ten designs. Clicking on the design will show you a full-size display with links to the background image alone (for use on a web page) and to the Zip file (which includes the stationery scripting).
I hope you enjoy them.

These border designs are only 1050-1300 pixels in width, which is no longer the best choice for usage as a web page background (although they are still very suited for stationery).

[bullet] Preview #1-10

[bullet] Preview #11 - 20

[bullet] Preview #21 - 30

[bullet] Preview #31 - 40

[bullet] Preview #41 - 50

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