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Varian's Dreamview[spacer]

Glamour Portrait
Glamour Postwork


1 Getting Started

2 Lift the figure

3 Adjust levels

4 Eyelid shading

5 Eye pink

6 Eye corners

7 Lip color

8 Eye depth

9a Locate shading

9b Tint shading

- First comparison -

10 Skin glow

11 Eye makeup

12 Color irises

13 Eye sparkle

14 Lip shine

15 Darken nostrils

16a Cloth color

16b Jewels color

16c Metallic color1

16d Metallic color2

17 Design an earring

Earring designs in PSD

17a Right earring

17b Left earring

18a Merged copy

18b The choice

- Final Comparison -


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