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Angelic Quotations

Throughout recorded history,
mankind has been touched by angels.

He has admired and feared, welcomed and shunned, honored and rebuked, conversed with and ignored them. Angels have been described as stunning, awesome, wondrous to behold and also so ordinary as to pass unnoticed amidst a crowd. Man has noted warring angels and peaceful angels, archangels and "fallen" angels; they have been declared both improbable and patently undeniable.

Regardless of what any of us may think of angels, the topic has made its way into our poetry and prose in more ways than perhaps only an angel could count. Presented here is my collection of angel quotations, excerpts from lyrics and literature through the ages. I began this collection in the early 80's, and it continues to be added to, a bit at a time. It is not intended to be a complete or erudite sampling -- it is intended merely to be enjoyed.

Note: To enhance the visual quality of AngelSong, these pages make use of several alternate fonts which are among the Microsoft core fonts for the web, my own Dreamfonts or are considered common to the Windows platform. The included illustrations are part of Angeldreams' AngelKisses offerings; please visit AngelKisses for details regarding using them for your own web page.

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The collection has reached a state where it has become necessary for me to split it into more than a single page. Doing so also lets me include the font and graphic elements without overtaxing your browser. Enjoy!

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