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This image was developed from an ArtExercise challenge topic.

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Is This Your Fly?

Is This Your Fly?

Tools: Paint Shop Pro 5, KPT3, Eye Candy, Blade Pro
This image was sparked by a very strange ArtExercise topic which was far too restrictive for me, and I had a difficult time getting creative with it. At last, I concentrated my efforts on the "fly" aspect alone and leaned on techniques used for a previous illustration I'd made for a "fly ball" variety of paint ball. The result is an interesting view of several flies, both under and on top of refracted glass. One fly stands out as being different, accented with a color variation, to inquire, "Is this your fly?"
The flies themselves are thanks to a PSP paint tube. The glass refraction comes about with KPT3 Glass Lens and Eye Candy Glass.