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This image was developed from an ArtExercise challenge topic.

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Unlikely Aquarium


Tools: Poser 4, Vue d'Esprit 3, Paint Shop Pro 6, clip art
Freeware model: Palmix brandy glass

The challenge: create an aquarium using clip art. I was at first thinking about rendering individual items in 3D against blank backgrounds, then arranging the pieces together. When I saw SkyDancer's (a fellow list member) clip art, I wanted to work with it, so I downloaded the lionfish and the shells graphics. Around the same time, I happened to collect Palix's 3D brandy glass which also appealed to me a lot. So I rendered the glass against the yellow background, then added the lionfish, plants and shells. The nicest part about doing collage digitally is that it doesn't matter what size or color anything is to start with, since it's so easy to make adjustments for it.